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The steepest slope won't crumble
Though it withstands the breath of time
Defiant through the ages
And impossible to climb
Slow death creeps from the bottom up
A barren rock of solid lines

The adventurers have never found it
Eagles hide away in fright
The wingspan of an angel withers
Before its awesome might
And from a silver sea of carelessness
Comes the ocean's gentle breeze

There's something in the air that smells like salt
Refreshing winds that smell of sins
And a world that's been set free
And it's known there's nothing more than this
Not anything at all
This is life; not meant to be

These solid lines don't match, don't bleed
Can't afford to just make sense
An immoveable object, an incredible will
It's not almost destroyed
Waves never relent
It will be gone when the last thinker dies

He grieves like the one who has no hope
Through true beauty can be seen
The necessity of longing for escape
If-then, commonly accepted
Then-if and his life is a dream
The laws of logic aren't cold like they seem

The mountain so vast in its pretension
So improbable as to be false
But give him time, for time will heal
Infinite deadline for an impossible task
Still the world cannot fathom
The world of men is too far gone

Beyond the dry barren rocks
Gray with dust and blood of the ages
A shining city that cannot exist
Such beauty cannot be made
Death is nothing but invention
But the beauty is here
Denied, still true, the air still smells of salt
It exists, unlike he
Rolling plains and yawning caverns
Entire worlds within one tree
A woman's smile, the amazing canvas
And the cosmos, far to see

Here lies the world around it
Dead like a thousand waning suns
Therefore, in selfsame existence
This rock cannot cry out
There is room for only one
He who would choose to pass away

If he could reach the summit he would transcend the sky
Though he's reached the top, the land's still living
Mount Improbable has rent the earth in two
The world, contained within but one man's thoughts
So much suffering fulfilled
But there's nothing more to say or do

For at the peak stands one lonely atheist
And he can finally smell the sea
Growing up as a Christian, I learned to place an immense value on truth. When it occurred to me that my own faith might have been untrue, I embarked on a five-year journey learning the ins and outs about logic, presupposition, human thoughts, and understanding all the major belief systems. Now my faith is far stronger, but on the way I met a lot of people feeling the same kind of isolation I did. This is partially my story and partially theirs.
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November 4, 2012
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